Flapjack Fungus

Fungus 1Fungus 3

Fungus 4

I don’t know what this fungus I found in the yard is, for now I’m calling it a Flapjack Fungus.
Does anyone have an answer? Maybe a Ringless Honey Mushroom?

Ride for the Cure

Horses, riders and TADRA trail head were festooned with pink Saturday for the 5th annual Susan G. Komen North Texas Ride for the Cure in The LBJ Grasslands. Boo and I showed up just in time to watch the riders in pink set off on their two- and four-hour trail rides. A number of the 95 horses and riders costumed in pink boas, pink tutus, pink tack, pink paint and even pink brassieres rode past us for fun on the trails leaving pink feathers floating in their wake. 

 Painting the LBJ Grasslands Pink

Sunday on the Trail

Dana & Susan

Dana on her Appaloosa, Chiquita and Susan on her Quarter Horse, Triton at TADRA still looking ready to go even after over 3 hours on the trail. The Appaloosa Horse Club tells a good history of these flashy horses dating back to the 1700’s with the Nez Perce Tribe.

Dana  Susan 2

There are a lot of Quarter Horses in the Grasslands, however Triton is a great example of a Bay with his black mane, tail and legs. The AQHA has a history along with descriptions of the other colors found in the breed.


And of there was Kota, who seemed to be having the most fun of all.


We found Thomas out for a first ride on his new mountain bike at the Dam Camp. Damp trail should make for a fun ride and a dirty bike.


PowerStroke found the activity curious.


LBJ Grasslands Walk

Temperatures dropping below 60° make for great walking weather in the Grasslands. So, when I needed a photo to practice adding a single photo from my NextGEN Gallery, this one of Suzy and Boo was the clear choice.

Greenwood, TX Fall Festival

Come visit Greenwood TX for the 17th Annual Fall Festival!

Click Here for 2014 Greenwood Fall Festival Information

Greenwood, TX EE

 Highlights from the 2013 Greenwood Fall Festival

Greenwood, Texas was the place to be in Wise County Saturday morning for the annual Fall Festival. Sponsored by the Greenwood Extension Education Club, the fun included food, crafts, games, door prizes and a parade down Main Street. After their turn in the bounce house, the kids were entertained by Jim shaping balloons, enjoyed a train ride through town and scrambled for candy thrown by the parade participants. For adults, the warm day was filled with visiting with old friends and meeting new ones. Later the Greenwood-Slidell Volunteer Fire Department’s annual fish fry fundraiser topped off the day serving fried catfish with all the trimmings as a Bluegrass band played.                      Click on a photo to enlarge.


Rocky Mountain Ride In the Grasslands

Rocky Mountain Ride3

Rocky Mountain Horses

Thanks to the help of our neighbors Debbie and Marilyn, I am beginning a series of posts about the many different breeds of horses on the trails in the Grasslands. They were kind enough to take a break from their ride to pose for some action shots on their Rocky Mountain Horses Blue Gene and Blondie with the dogs Chance and Sadie in hot pursuit. Standing out with a smooth ride and flashy looks, these gaited horses are a popular choice for trail riding and the show arena. Debbie has information at Canyon Creek Farm about Rocky Mountain Horses in our area. Visit the Rocky Mountain Horse Association for the history of a horse they call the “One Horse For All Occasions.”

Rocky Mountain Ride2

Rocky Mountain Horses

Nature Walk

Nature Walk

A walk in the park for us generally covers a good bit of territory stopping occasionally to enjoy the nature in the Grasslands. We took a walk today with a group of friends and neighbors dedicated to the study of every aspect of nature including birds, insects, amphibians, reptiles and all kinds of plant life. Needles to say, it takes a lot of stops to inspect an area for that many categories making the going a bit slow, but the observations were numerous and most interesting. I don’t remember ever observing so many things on a walk in the Grasslands. We saw dove, cardinals, a woodpecker, frogs, bees, dragonflies, native grasses, butterflies, wild flowers, water bugs and many other plants and animals. Below are some pics I made on the walk. I am working to identify all the photos; if you can help please let me know. Click on the first image to enlarge.