Feral Hogs

Feral Hogs

As with most of Texas, the LBJ Grasslands area has its share of feral hogs wreaking havoc on pastures, crops and lawns. Even with year round hunting allowed, the pig population appears to be growing. This shot, made by a game camera on our neighbors property adjacent to the Grasslands, demonstrates the scale of the problem.  The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has information about feral hogs on their web page.

Weekend Activities

We skipped our regular ride on the trails in the LBJ Grasslands this weekend in favor of riding at home and going for a couple of walks with Boo and a camera. Here is a selection of sights we encountered in the park.

Boo finds Jeep Hill a great place to enjoy the view and the smells.

This looks like a beach pic, but it is another example of the diversity in the Grasslands.

The hardwoods are just beginning to show a blush of color hopefully leading to a wash of color soon. Stay tuned for more pics.

Suzy and Boo walk into the sunset.

It’s always a good idea to wear orange in the Grasslands during hunting season to increase your visibility.

Texas Vervain

A good day to be a turtle lying in the sun. They tell me that they like it this way.

We noticed this whitetail deer buck following a doe that had just passed by at the tree line. He was a little far away for a great camera shot, but he appeared to be at least eight points. After this shot, he decided we were not friendly and bounded into the woods.

This was moonrise on Saturday, but I like it for the end of our weekend activities.


The road leading to the Douglas Gates and the LBJ Grasslands today had the look of fall, or a least as much as you can expect in Texas. After the freeze hits this week there probably won’t be many leaves left, so Boo and I went for a walk after lunch to grab this shot before the leaves fall.

Mary and Teresa, riding Moose and Hotrod, were just coming though the gate as we approached. They certainly found a great way to spend the holiday.

I captured a meadowlark just as it was taking off from a honey locust.

LBJ Grasslands Fall

A young garden spider hunting in Suzy’s lantana.

Evening Walk

Diane 1


Diane 2

One of the cool things about living next to the LBJ Grasslands is running into neighbors on our evening walks. We were happy to meet up with Diane, Chile and Bear who were enjoying a most excellent time on the white trail. Chile, a Peruvian Paso, is another great example of the diversity of horse breeds you can find in the park. Check out the NAPHA web site for more info on these horses. Not to be left out of the fun, Bear a Border Collie-Shepherd mix rescue dog, showed of his stuff for this action shot.