New Year’s Eve

A walk in The LBJ Grasslands was our party for this New Year’s Eve. Of course, we were not alone on our trek through the woods. An armadillo, the official small mammal of Texas, got up close and personal for a photo. I posted this one for you Danette since we did not get close enough for a good shot on your visit.

Our other surprise on the walk was Tiny. Believe it or not, that’s her on the left with her gang. She had wandered off to explore on her own, but luckily she was united with her owner and secured in the horse trailer.

Two miles out, Boo goes into migration mode, tracking along the trail with few distractions.

Back Home for a Walk

We traveled to East Texas for Christmas with the family. It was good to have everyone together for the first time in many years. My brother and his wife, who live in New York State, returned with us to get look at our place and see The LBJ Grasslands. Living right next to the Appalachia Trail, they know the benefits of living next to protected land and came prepared for a walk in the park.

Armadillos have made it far enough north for Alan and Danette to see them as road kill, but Danette had never seen one in real life. We saw three on our walk. This is not a good pic, but it is proof so her friends will believe her.

It’s hard to get a good shot of an armadillo with the mighty hunter Boo jumping into the brush after his favorite animal to chase and not catch.

Back in TADRA we found this Mule Brigade with Misty on Little Whisky Girl, Linda on Sarah and Red Horse on Miss Kitty preparing for a ride. I think this is the first time I’ve had mules on the Gazette, certainly three together. Mules have an undeserved reputation for being stubborn. They just have their opinion about safety. They protect themselves, so they are often used in situations where people need a smart, sure-footed animal with a healthy dose of self preservation. This group trailered from all over North Texas to enjoy a beautiful winter weekend in the Grasslands. Happy Trails.

Melting Ice

Shaded areas of County Road 2560, just before it crosses Cottonwood Creek, were still a slip and slide on Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday, a full week after the ice storm began, this road to The LBJ Grasslands was mostly clear of ice. Pavement appearing through the melting ice was welcome sight after being iced in for five days.

Yucca in the ice

I can’t say that I love the ice, but it does create good subject matter.

Iced In

With temperatures below freezing and an inch of freezing rain on the roads, it didn’t  make much sense to go any where today. Boo and I did manage a short walk in the park before deciding to slide on back home.

Sunday Trail Ride

There weren’t a lot of people in the LBJ Grasslands on Sunday, however we ran across quite a few riders and hikers on our ride.  Here are some who posed for me.

Carolyn on Snow, Bill on Kitty and Callie on the ground were just beginning their ride.

With a Gunsmoke theme going we found Blake on JB and Randy on Mingo.

Lost Dog

Punky, a seven pound tan/white Irish Apple face Chihuahua with a pink and black zebra print collar with tags was lost in the TADRA area this weekend. Drop me a note if you see her.