Family Ride in the LBJ Grasslands

The family that rides together — has a really good time together! As we were brushing out sweaty horses, this group came riding into TADRA. Atop Informa we have Chloe, Cassandra (Mom) and Lane; the cool pony Cookie was carrying Mikey and Landon; John (Dad) is riding Truman with Katlin in his arms. Thanks for stopping for a pic and Happy Trails.

Windy Day

A strong wind blew most of the day, the kind of wind that blows through a horse’s ears, making him think he is in a Steven King story, spooking at every movement and sound.

Out of the wind, in the sun, three turtles enjoy the afternoon.

A bluebird singing on the wire made it feel like Spring. I tried to get a recording of his song, but all I got was wind.

Sunshine in the LBJ Grasslands

Weather and work have kept us indoors over the last weak or so with heat cranked up fending off the winter chill. Work has Suzy inside on this beautiful day, however Boo and I didn’t let it keep us from a walk in the park.

A Cottontail Rabbit catching some rays on the edge of the briar patch.

Boo sometimes gets distracted and misses a great chance for a chase. He is good at the photo bomb.

More Snow in the LBJ Grasslands

A friend out of town on business received a text from his son with one word: SNOW, with a smiley face. Unfortunately for him school was not closed, thwarting his fun in the snow. Waking up to snow and 14-degree temperatures for a child is thrilling, but for an adult, it can add difficulty to everyday chores. The horses say, bring on the hay and we’ll be fine.

Leeward Side of the Tree

A fluffed up female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker finds some relief from the wind behind the trunk of a pine tree on a chilly 24 degree day. I was on the warm side of the window, snapping this photograph through the glass, not feeling the bite of wind chill in the low teens.


Almost every pond in The LBJ Grasslands has some kind of water fowl floating on the surface ready for takeoff. These Cormorants put on a good show for us.

Gordon and Thunder look like they are taking off in this image from almost ten years ago. This big quarter horse was Gordon’s ride for many years, living up to his name, taking on any obstacle on the trail with gusto. Thunder is no longer with us, but this memory of he and Gordon playing in the park on a warm summer day will last forever.