Birds Out My Window

A large number of the many types of birds found in the LBJ Grasslands has been stopping outside my window at work for a drink of water. Since I have been sitting here working more lately, I washed my window to get some pics of the visitors from time to time. Here are a few:

A flock of robins was hanging out in the tops of the cottonwood trees, and dropped in one by one for a drink.

A mockingbird can really strike a pose with attitude. I saw one looking for a mate jumping up from the top of a post oak beside the road to Greenwood the other day. Hopefully spring is not far away, bringing their repetitive mating songs soon.

These two cardinals came in together with the male drinking first then waiting while the female had a bath.

Juncos spend a lot of time cleaning up around my horse’s food bowl. He is a sloppy eater, sharing his food with many other animals.