Big Rain in the LBJ Grasslands

Eight to ten inches of rain made areas of Cottonwood Lake once accessible by vehicles available to boat traffic only. I made this photo a week ago on Sunday when you could just start seeing the overflow intake. On Saturday, the only sign of the intake was the whirlpool above it.

The other side of the dam was a torrent.

The level of Black Creek Lake was not over the intake on Sunday, but it was looking more like a lake than a sand bar.

Full Moon Pond in TADRA Point was up to the trail for the first time in a while.

The muddy trails did not stop Traci and Taylor, riding Keanu and Moose from enjoying the cool temperatures on Saturday.

Prairie Gaillardia

A Grey Frog hanging out on the wall is always fun to see.

Surviving the Heat

It’s good to have a poolside hangout to survive the Texas heat in the LBJ Grasslands.

I think this is a Female Gila Woodpecker. A bird that should be found in the Sonoran Desert amongst the saguaro cactus, not panting in a redbud tree in Texas. I’m sure the panting is due to the humidity, not the heat.

Walking next a pond with a hot breeze blowing, I noticed a Checkered Setwing (Dythemis fugax) on a stick. As I approached it flew. However, I have noticed that some dragonflies will circle around and land in the exact location same after being disturbed. So I waited, focused my camera on the end of stick and was rewarded. This one did as expected, landing back on the stick to hang on in the wind.

Evening Ride

Evening Trail Ride

Sunday was very warm all the way into the evening, but that didn’t keep Carl from an evening ride in The LBJ Grasslands. He says that this is his time to relax, enjoying his horses, dog and the Park. Hey Carl, let me know the names of your horses and dog. For some reason, I think operator error, my video of you giving me their names did not work. Of course Boo had to get in the photo because he is always the star of the show.

Before meeting up with Carl, we trekked up and down Jeep Hill through the Mountain Pinks.


Snake in the Grass

Every time I go to fill the horses water in the summer, I expect to see one of these. It’s always a good idea to watch where you step this time of the year in Texas. I think I’ll be mowing the grass tomorrow to reduce their hiding opportunities.

That’s some face.