NATRC in the LBJ Grasslands

Region 4 of the North American Trail Ride Conference was in the LBJ Grasslands for two days this weekend, taking part in a benefit trail ride. Saturday, I caught up with the riders at mile 17 on the Orange Trail as they paused for a Pulse and Respiration Stop where their horses’ condition was evaluated. After the health of their mount was verified, they were judged going over two obstacles and climbing up a hill out of a wash. This was only a small part of the challenges the participants faced during the two-day event. The horsemanship of the rider and the condition of the horse are constantly being judged and can result in deductions from the 100 points each rider has at the beginning of the ride.

NATRC is based on the philosophies of stimulating the breeding and use of horses possessed of stamina and hardiness for trail riding and to encourage good horsemanship, training and conditioning of the horses.


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