Let’s Dance

Life's a Beach A family of Canada Geese was having a great day sunning next to the pond.Let's Dance

On the next shore, a pair of Yellow Crowned Night Herons danced and plotted the invasion of the neighbors choice beachfront property.
Party Crasher The attack came suddenly.Nice TryA close splashdown didn’t get much of a response from the geese. Going to Get the Wife Feeling outnumbered, the intruder returned to base for reinforcements.Yellow Crowned Night Herons-2 Returning together, but still under sized, the Yellow Crowned Night Herons resorted to giving the family the stink eye in order to gain some ground.There Goes the Neighborhood Mom knows at a certain point you have to admit, “There goes the neighborhood.”

Family Swim

Time to relocate to the other side of the pond via a family swim.