Frogs Everywhere

Weld Inspector

Everywhere I turn this year, I see a frog, always tempting photo subjects, although when I found one on the rim of the toilet at work this morning, I did not think of grabbing my camera. I thought of catching it before it jumped into the bowl. Hopefully it is finding the hunting better in the tree close to where I shot this frog.

2015 Greenwood, TX Fall Festival

Come Visit Greenwood, TX for this year’s Annual Fall Festival on October 10, 2015.

 Any Texan will tell you that Fall is a great time in the Lone Star State with cooler temperatures, football, hunting and fall festivals keeping everyone busy in the great outdoors. One of the best festivals is coming soon to our neighborhood. Come join us for a parade, crafts, food, games, door prizes, a silent auction and fun for the kids on Saturday, October 10, 2015 in Greenwood, Texas, a short day trip from Dallas and Fort Worth.
GreenwoodFallFestival '15We Have Tractors

You like tractors? We have a lot of tractors in the parade.

Baptist Float

A parade is not complete without floats.


There will be two raffles, one for a quilt and another for a $500 Cabelas’ gift card.

Rope'emBalloonstrain ride

Did I mention fun for the kids? The simple pleasures can be the best.

Bake Sale

The local EE Club offers many home made items to tickle your taste buds. My favorite is a jar of pear preserves.

Museum StepsMuseum

Step into the Greenwood Museum for a glimpse into the past.

Silent Auction

Make your bid at the Silent Auction.


They are a motley group of guys, but they make the best beans and cornbread. Are so they say. Come on by and judge for yourself.

CraftsYou can eat your beans a you visit the many craft vendors.

Greenwood Grocery

While the Greenwood Fall Festival only happens once a year, we are often drawn to Greenwood Grocery for a cheeseburger.