Back Home for a Walk

We traveled to East Texas for Christmas with the family. It was good to have everyone together for the first time in many years. My brother and his wife, who live in New York State, returned with us to get look at our place and see The LBJ Grasslands. Living right next to the Appalachia Trail, they know the benefits of living next to protected land and came prepared for a walk in the park.

Armadillos have made it far enough north for Alan and Danette to see them as road kill, but Danette had never seen one in real life. We saw three on our walk. This is not a good pic, but it is proof so her friends will believe her.

It’s hard to get a good shot of an armadillo with the mighty hunter Boo jumping into the brush after his favorite animal to chase and not catch.

Back in TADRA we found this Mule Brigade with Misty on Little Whisky Girl, Linda on Sarah and Red Horse on Miss Kitty preparing for a ride. I think this is the first time I’ve had mules on the Gazette, certainly three together. Mules have an undeserved reputation for being stubborn. They just have their opinion about safety. They protect themselves, so they are often used in situations where people need a smart, sure-footed animal with a healthy dose of self preservation. This group trailered from all over North Texas to enjoy a beautiful winter weekend in the Grasslands. Happy Trails.

Family Pic

My BlueHost  Account Manager Justin suggested I put a photo of myself on my site so heFamily Pic GG could put a face to the voice. Megan got this shot of the whole gang. Everyone but the cats, one of which attacked her Chow puppy then ran up a tree and the other absent because of a bad case of stranger danger.  That’s me, David, on my Quarter Horse Jay and Suzy’s on her Arab Powerstroke.  Boo has positioned himself close to Suzy and Powerstroke well away from Jay who is also known as the Big Red Menace, the chaser of smaller animals.

Hay Season GGThanks to over two inches of rain in the middle of July, hay season in Wise County is still going strong.  This is my favorite way to manage hay, having someone with a big tractor and the knowhow to use it.  Sure beats hauling and stacking 70-pound square bales.

Click on photo to enlarge.


It’s July 26th

 HappyBirthdayMLW & DarcinToday I want to wish my Father a Happy Birthday.  He’s not really a cowboy, although I know he played at being one when he was a kid.  I have a toy spur that was his as a kid that gets me thinking of kids watching Roy Rodgers and dreaming of climbing on the back of a horse to ride into a sunset.  Darcin was kind enough to let this kid at heart have a ride a while back.  Have a Happy Birthday. And of course, Happy Trails.