LBJ Grasslands Trail Maps

Our LBJ Grasslands trail maps illustrate the 75 miles of the Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Orange trails enjoyed by horseback riders, hikers and campers. Landmarks like TADRA Point, gates, ponds, creeks, bridges, park roads, and mile markers will help you plan your ride or hike and enjoy the experience without the worry of getting lost on the best horse trails in Texas.

Lost In the Grasslands Without a Trail Map

Our first trail ride in The LBJ National Grasslands started out from the windmill along the White Sunny Nap in the LBJ GrasslandsTrail on a hot, hot summer day. Did I say it was hot? The ride lasted for what seemed like forever, it felt like we were lost as the trail turned around in all directions. We managed to make it to TADRA, riding on parts of the Red and White trails, stumbling back to our starting point hot and tired, still looking forward to the next time. Needless to say, we could have used one of these trail maps that day.

All of the neighbors surrounding the Grasslands have stories of rescuing lost, injured or exhausted riders and hikers. We have a friend who once carried a small, tired dog on his saddle while leading the rider back to safety and air conditioning. After many years of riding and hiking the trails, the Park seems a lot smaller than our image of the park on that first trail ride. After we moved here in 2000, Suzy began work on her version of the Horse Trails Map. We feel the best way for everyone to enjoy the trails safely is to have a trail map, so help yourself to a free download. Suzy updates them on a regular basis, adding landmarks, shortcuts and trail extensions to help riders and hikers navigate the trail system.

Download PDFs of LBJ National Grasslands Trail Maps here:

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The maps are best printed on 8.5″x14″ legal size paper. Scale them to fit for 8.5″x11″ letter size paper. We try to make the maps a good artist rendering, however they are not exactly to scale.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)


The Trail Maps now include GPS coordinates in various locations. We acquired these coordinates from Google Maps, so if they are grossly off, please let us know.

TADRA and The LBJ Grasslands Trail System

The Grasslands has been utilized by equestrians for many years. We have often come across riders who share experiences from 20 to 30 years past, riding cow trails, camping and getting lost. The trail system as we know it today began in 1993 when TADRA members began donating hundreds of hours of labor to clear, map, mark the trails and install horse-friendly Dolly Gates. They also donated their time and money to help the Forest Service make TADRA Point campground and trail head what it is today, adding a windmill, tie-ups for horses, parking areas and bathroom facilities. A grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department via the National Recreational Trail Fund helped the members add the 25-mile Orange Trail and two new windmills in 2002.

TADRA has tie-ups, trailer parking, a pavilion, a windmill and bathrooms.

PDF of Road Map

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Roads to the Trails

mapfromdecatur380tolbjgrasslandsIf your are coming from the Dallas area, take I-35E north through Denton. Exit Highway 380 west to Decatur. Once you hit Decatur, drive across the bridge (it passes over FM 730) and turn right onto the FM 730 Exit – watch out for this exit; it sneaks up on you! – and curve back to FM 730. Turn left onto 730 north. Follow the map to the park.

Coming from Fort Worth, take I-35W north and exit Highway 287/81 to Decatur. Drive through Decatur, then take Highway 380 east toward Denton. Move into the left lane to take the FM 730 exit. Turn left on 730 north. Follow the map to the park.

Coming from Wichita Falls, take Highway 287 south. Just before Decatur, exit onto Highway 380 east toward Denton. Move into the left lane to take the FM 730 exit. Turn left on 730 north. Follow the map to the park.

Once you make the drive up 730 and turn left onto CR 2461, you’ll come to a fork in the road where CR 2461 goes left and CR 2560 goes right. The Forest Service recommends that trailers over 12 feet follow CR 2461. I concur: throughout the years, we have seen the remnants of many a trailer’s plumbing fixtures scattered about where the FS road humps before the Blue Gate, just over the Cottonwood Lake spillway – beware!


In The BeginningPete's Map to the LBJ Grasslands

We still have the map Pete made for us back in 1991 to show us the way to our first trail ride. It didn’t have a great amount of detail, but it did the job, leading us through the small winding roads to the Windmill Camp on the White Trail and the first of many great horse adventures in the park. Hope Suzy’s map leads you to many Happy Trails.

 LBJ National Grasslands Horse Trail Map

LBJ Grasslands Horse Trail Map-1

LBJ Grasslands Horse Trail Map-1

LBJ Grasslands Horse Trail Map

LBJ Grasslands Horse Trail Map